Free neo geo samurai software

Neo geo samurai software


Samurai Solitare

Samurai Solitare 1.0

Samurai is always an embodiment of courage wisdom and patience With glaring sword serious and self-confident he is standing guard of rules and norms of a true warrior But the way of the ideal warrior is not so easy as it may seem and Samurais ... [...]
Sword of the Samurai

Sword of the Samurai 1.0

Samurai were the warrior class of Japan The samurai protected their Daimyo from attacks by other fuedal warlords The sword was the weapon of choice for a samurai They were trained in the martial art of ken-jutsu The Warrior Art of the Sword and were ... [...]
Atomos Samurai Recorder

Atomos Samurai Recorder 4.2

Changes br - Major upgrade to the audio level meters br - All channels analog and digital have precision meters on the audio page br - Peak and average levels with digital clipping indicator and VU ballistics br - Accurate - to dB dBFS shown ... [...]
Ronin Solitaire

Ronin Solitaire 1.0

Not far from a holy Fuji Mountain in a small Japanese village lives ex-samurai who is sorry for his offensive and careless behavior and who wants to be employed by a new master Although it was sometimes considered to be necessary for the life experience ... [...]
AtomOS Samurai Blade Recorder

AtomOS Samurai Blade Recorder 5.11

Fixes br - Pulldown re-locks when camera cadence changes frame order to avoid interlace artifacts br - Fixed issue with pulldown where a black line would appear on the right hand side of the video br br Other Changes br - Quicktime vendor field changed ... [...]
Book of 5 Rings Screen Saver

Book of 5 Rings Screen Saver 1.0

Scenes of Japanese castles and quotes from Samurai Miyamoto Musashi's Book of Rings ... [...]
Harakiri Craps

Harakiri Craps 2.0

Honorable player the life of a legendary Samurai is in your hand The bloodcurdling story is as follows The action involves the ancient Japanese ritual of samurai suicide - harakiri or seppuku As you know one of the motives for harakiri is expressing the protest ... [...]

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